27. January 2020

Ban on BPA in thermal papers

BSL-Ticketprint AG uses thermal papers with topcoat and semi-topcoat quality.

For over 15 years, BSL has been using bisphenol-free thermal paper with topcoat quality for most Swiss customers. This high-quality thermal paper has an additional topcoat on the thermal side and is most useful for the application of parking tickets. Thanks to this coating, additional protection against mechanical stress or environmental influences such as moisture or heat is guaranteed. In addition to its high quality, this paper is bisphenol-free right from the start.

In the area of thermal papers with Semi Topcoat quality, which is mainly used for export, thermal papers with BPA molecules were used. Since the restriction of the REACH regulation, these papers have also been converted to BPA and BPS free. Since July 2019, BSL has been using bisphenol-free paper for all thermal products.

If you have further questions about bisphenols in thermal papers, please contact us:
Antonio Prudente, CEO,
antonio.prudente@bsl.ch, +41 41 248 41 64