Thermal tickets and -rolls

A variety of applications or access systems are equipped with thermo rolls or roll tickets: On- and off-street parking, mountain railways, public toilets, museums and different events. No matter in which sector the tickets are being used, we are your competent partner. Convince yourself of our Swiss Made quality. We ensure the smooth running of operations of your tickets.

Thermal tickets and -rolls

Our thermal rolls, which are manufactured in Switzerland, are all bisphenol A free and FSC®-C020017 certified. This type of paper is specially made for thermal printers, which is coated and reacts to heat.
The use as parking tickets requires a particularly high resilience, because in summer high two-digit temperatures can occur behind the windscreen.

The thermal rollers must also be resistant to external environmental influences such as moisture and dirt.

We produce:

Stelio, Strada, DG4/S, Cale CWT, Cale CWT 2100 Serie, WPS BC-Serie

Public toilets roll

Paper grades
140 g/m2 thermal for 3000 ex. per roll
80 g/m2 thermo for 3000 ex. per roll

80 g/m2 thermo for 5000 ex. per roll

From simple black and white to gaudy

Colours, we make everything possible.

Thermochronic colour
For your safety, a special paint
can be printed on the ticket.