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Swiss Quality.

Swiss Quality


BSL Ticketprint, or «Ticki» for short, was founded in 1985 as a two-man operation and subsidiary of the BSL printing house. Over the years, the small business has grown into a renowned European ticket manufacturer. Today it is still driven by the same passion: to provide a quality Swiss Made product.


BSL Ticketprint green credentials

ISO, FSC and VOC – the environment is important to us.

Sustainability has long been an integral part of our company philosophy. Our printing is alcohol free and we use VOC-free and solvent-free printing inks. Wherever possible, BSL Ticketprint also prints on environmentally friendly paper to promote recycling.

We heat our building with the waste heat from our printing presses, saving a considerable amount of energy and many tonnes of CO2.


Sustainability is an investment in our common future.


Growing together as a business, expanding our variety of products and services, improofing continuosly our marketing performances and offering solution-oriented ideas to our customers.

Our personality and expert advice are our assets.

So, we create value for our customers, partners and employees and maintain a commitment to openness and transparency.

Core service

Familiar We are a family business that exists since 1985.

Competent We are competent, customer-oriented and offer specialized know-how.

Reliable We are reliable and trustworthy.

Sustainable We are sustainable, ecological and invest in our common future.

Flexible We provide the necessary flexibility to meet your needs.

Core service

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