19 April 2023

Sustainability Report 3: Sustainable paper procurement with FSC®

The basic raw material in ticket production is paper.
Paper rolls with different properties are used to produce tickets based on customer needs and technical requirements.

But all our paper rolls have one thing in common: they are all FSC®-C014585 certified.

What does this really mean?

The wood used for paper processing comes exclusively from forests managed according to FSC standards.

According to the FSC principles, there are various points that must be observed and considered in the context of forest management. As an example, the integrity of the forest is guaranteed by focusing on biological diversity and the ecosystems. In addition, the social and economic well-being of those employed in the forest is promoted and strengthened in the long term.

BSL Ticketprint has only used FSC®-C014585-certified paper for its ticket production for many years in order to ensure the best possible protection for forests, the soil and sensitive ecosystems.

Find out more about the FSC Label on the official website: https://ch.fsc.org/de-ch