05 April 2023

Sustainability Report 1: VOC-free inks

Tickets do not need to just be white. Depending on customer preferences, we can personalise tickets with a company logo, an advert or another layout.

All inks used in our production have one thing in common: they don’t contain VOC.

The English acronym VOC refers to “Volatile Organic Compounds”. They are organic, carbon-containing compounds released from certain products as vapours. At low room temperatures, the gases are released into the air where they can be breathed in by people.

Many products contain VOC. Examples are inks as well as cleaning agents and building materials.

Not all VOC substances have a harmful effect. As an example, wood also contains natural VOC substances. These are called terpenes and give the natural material the typical wood smell.

However, it is different with most chemically-produced VOC substances. These are contained, among others, in solvents, paints and glues and can vaporise relatively quickly given their properties and cause health problems.

To protect the health of our production staff and that of end users, we only use VOC-free inks in our production. These ink options are formulated such that they contain no VOC and no harmful gases are vaporised.