05 April 2023

Sustainability Report

Dear Customers

Sustainability strategy, certified raw materials and recycling - sustainability has been gaining importance in society and politics for a number of years.

As a company and individual, not least due to the latest developments in the area of the energy crisis, we are increasingly being asked to examine previous actions and processes and to examine alternative resources and potential energy-saving measures.

Admittedly, some targets and efforts in the area of sustainability may be partially overlooked with regard to everyday business and personal life.

Believing that even small efforts can represent an important step towards a more sustainable society and environment, we have set ourselves the target of taking a closer look at our efforts to see what BSL Ticketprint is doing in terms of sustainable procurement of raw materials, alternative energy resources and disposal and recycling.

In the following six blog posts, we will provide insight into our 2023 Sustainability Report.

We are pleased to be able to share BSL Ticketprint’s 2023 sustainability report with you - after all, as customers, you support our sustainable environment efforts with every order you place.

Kind regards,

Your BSL Ticketprint Team