08 February 2022

Interview with Iva Pavic

Hello Iva

At BSL Ticketprint you take care of the printing and production of the many different tickets that are used in car parks all over the world.

Last year you started a new training programme. Would you like to tell us something about it?

With pleasure. In January 2021, I started further training to become a commercial administrator in the printing industry. This is a continuing education programme that is specifically designed for professionals in the printing and media industry.

What subjects and topics are included in your continuing education?

We have different modules that look at the various processing stages from order entry to shipping of the final product from different perspectives. 

This includes, for example, production planning with the PPC strategy (production, planning and control), quality management, logistics, legal aspects, sustainability in production as well as financial accounting and marketing.

That sounds really versatile! What do you like most about the training?

I find it interesting that so many different topics are covered and that we can understand the overall context of a production company.

Our lecturers are all professionally active in the printing and media industry themselves. This gives us practical insights into the topics and we benefit from many interesting experiences and knowledge.

Have you learned anything interesting that you would like to share with us?

In the area of "design", we did various analyses of company logos and film posters. We investigated whether a design fits a company and its mission statement, and what significance the typeface has in a film poster. For example, completely different fonts and colours are used for comedies than for action or horror films.

These new insights have already given me a different view of print products and I pay much more attention to whether and how the typeface, proportions and images fit together.

Interesting! Now I will also Take a close look at it the next time I go to the cinema. :)
Where do you see the biggest links between your further education and your everyday work?

As a shift leader, I was able to learn a lot from the organizational theory and the leadership modules. For example, how to conduct a good appraisal interview, how to promote constructive cooperation in the face of challenges and what role psychology plays in everyday work.

Overall, the training has sharpened my view of various entrepreneurial and production processes.

Thank you very much for your interview Iva! We wish you continued success and joy in your further education!